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Decorative Embroidery is all about delivering high-quality, stunning tee shirt designs to meet the unique needs of our every customer. Whether you are getting shirts for a business, a community gathering, a charity, or simply just for fun, we have the skills and the tools available to make sure that you receive only the best of the best when it comes to customized shirt designs.

Our team is staffed with creative geniuses who know what it takes not only to craft the perfect design, but also to ensure that the design is long-lasting. Why get a custom tee shirt that only looks great after a few washes, when you can get one that is truly you and lasts a lifetime?

The Top 7 Tips For Creating The Perfect Digital Display T-Shirt

T-shirts are widely found in almost every closet around the globe. They are one of the commonest forms of self-expression but have you ever wondered what works for the perfect design? What forms the perfect element that will make people flaunt your design over and over again?

If you didn’t already know, some of the best-worn designs are pretty simple. Besides the overall design, there are quite a few things which should be done to prevent mistakes. Our article features the top 7 tips for creating the perfect digital display t-shirt.


One of the main things that set you aside with your finished piece is your sizing. If you’re working on your next piece, you’d better ensure that the size of your logo fits the design as well as the properties of your material to be printed. This is going to represent you, so you should give it some extra thought before you put something out. You will only get one chance with sizing when it comes to digital displays.The overall design shape has a lot to do with the printed version and in some instances, they look much bigger than they should. You can easily print your designs on paper and compare them with your t-shirt in order to get an idea of they’ll look. Additionally, the size of your garments should suit the size of your print. So, if you’re printing smaller pieces, you can reduce your design size.


Where you place your design is also another important factor. Your designs should always be visually centred as opposed to an automatic setting based on its width. Simply put, your design can be a hot seller but with incorrect placement, you’ll be turning heads for all the wrong reasons. Another interesting yet common mistake that happens quite often is the notorious belly print, so always be aware of your design placement.

Typography And Fonts 

The most basic aspect of written words is their typography. Most times it isn’t even about the text but rather the typography degree. So, be sure to get creative while you’re thinking up a storm on how to get your text to interact with your graphical elements.

If you’ve never thought about it, your font does impact the way that your design is interpreted by others. Fonts can even stir emotions and ideas and add greatly to those who wear them.


The idea of composition should take you a long way back to your high school art days. Designs are filled with various elements that are arranged in an order to ensure that they relate to one another. In essence, this is what makes up the composition of your design. So, be sure to make use of your online resources to learn more about the composition rules of design and elemental placement.

Image Quality 

In order to get a clean crisp printed design, be sure to submit high-quality art files. Most of the time, designs are submitted in a low resolution which makes it hard to produce quality details. So, when you’re submitting art files to a company, be sure to have images that are at least 200 dpi or higher. Anything less will produce a poorly printed product.

Another alternative to this issue is getting your designs in a vector file. When you present vector files, they are easier to work with since they can be sized accordingly and they are widely loved by all. Additionally, you should also avoid presenting photographs of other photographs since issues around graininess, cropping and blurriness can occur. So, if you’re ever submitting photographs, don’t forget to scan them so that you can get the best resolution possible.


Another major factor is the colours that you select. The decision of the perfect colour is important and not specifically for the purpose of the design but for printing. Essentially, when you’ve got more colour in your design, you’re going to have to pay more.

So, before you get too excited about your design, carefully select your colours as soon as you start the process. Additionally, colours can have various effects on people. So don’t forget to do some research before you select the perfect blend.


Contrast falls into the colour aspect as well. However, it is extremely important and should be considered on its own. Colour is the difference between lighter and darker parts of an image. They are the reason for how colours match and go together. If you’re going for a strong contrast, black and white is always a hit whereas bright colours on a dark background create pretty high contrast.

As we conclude, we have just given you the top 7 tips to make your digital t-shirts a success. So, it’s best to thoroughly think about all of your design elements and select those that perfectly represent your design. Additionally, before you hire a printing company it’s best to look out for reviews and testimonials.

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Why Effective SEO Marketing is important for the T-Shirt Printing Industry

Whether you are starting up a t shirt business or you are a relatively new company, SEO marketing is a vital ingredient for helping you to reach out to your target audience and new customers. SEO is a key factor in making your t shirt printing company successful especially if you sell online also. A lot of online shoppers will turn to search engines such as Google looking for inspiration on buying their next purchase. Search engine optimisation will ensure that your website makes it to the first page on search engines and number one.

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Every business should utilise social media marketing. People use social media platforms on a daily basis and there is no better way of getting your business and brand out there then by the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media will help in the building of your brand and brand identity as you connect with potential and existing customers. Share engaging content with your followers and friends it is a great way of getting your products and services out there and to a wider audience. Learn to listen to your customer’s suggestions and comments.

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What are the Benefits of Having Custom T-Shirts Printed?

You’ve likely seen custom printed tees all over the place: in businesses, at community events, or even at a family function. Snazzy-looking custom work is incredibly popular, with this popularity rising every year.

Why is this? Well, there are many reasons to consider getting custom t-shirts printed, either for a large order or just a handful at a time. In this article, we will explore 4 solid reasons to have custom tee shirts printed by a professional.

Promote Yourself

Are you looking to get the word out about your business, charity or event? Custom tee shirts are an eye-catching way of getting the public’s attention wherever anyone who wears them goes. You can customize not only the image/logo but also the message that you intend to convey.

A simple tee shirt is much cheaper than a billboard or even print ads sent out over an entire zip code, but it can reach just as many people if you have multiple people sporting your unique design.

Custom tees are incredibly popular for those looking to get the word out about their band. Local bands spread their popularity through word of mouth and every centered advertising. What better way to accomplish this than to have a bunch of locals donning your band’s custom swag?

Reinforce a Sense of Team Spirit

One of the reasons why workplace uniforms are so popular is because they have a psychological impact on the people working together. Wearing the same thing as fellow employees subconsciously enforces the idea of teamwork and collaboration. While you can certainly use custom tees in your own workplace, this benefit extends beyond that purpose as well.

If you have a team of volunteers, for example, working toward the same goal, identical customized tees can have the same effect.

Deliver Great Gifts for Loved Ones

Who doesn’t love thoughtful gifts that reminds the person of the individual who gave it to them? A custom tee shirt is a great way to spread the love to a single individual or to many friends and/or family members.

There is no limit as to what you can print onto a tee shirt: a family logo/slogan, a witty inside joke, an image that you all associate with one another, whatever you want can be printed onto a high-quality tee shirt.

Having custom tee shirts printed showcases your thoughtfulness, as you took the time to create the perfect design for your loved ones. And you can guarantee that they don’t already have anything like it hanging in their closet!

Commemorate an Occasion

Family reunions, epic friends’ getaways, business parties and so much more can be commemorated in a fun way through custom printed tee shirts.

Everyone loves having something to remind them of an incredible event, but they might not love having something to add to the shelf that will only collect dust. A tee shirt is something that they will want to wear, especially if you are thinking about having the shirts printed with an eye-catching and fun design.

What Methods are Used to Print Designs onto T-Shirts?

Customized tee shirts have been a popular business for some time now, and the industry is only growing. Accompanying that growth is a surge in new printing technologies, which allows printing companies to deliver a truly unique experience for their customers. In this article, we will discuss 5 of the most widely used t-shirt printing methods. Some of them are more commonly used by large, bulk vendors while others are more popular among hobbyists.

The 5 Ways to Customize a T-Shirt

Custom prints on tees is a fun and easy way to convey a message. You can use them to advertise your business, a local event, or even your own creative artwork! Whatever your reason for choosing to have a custom tee or two (or one hundred) printed, it helps to know the methods used to bring one’s artistic vision into reality.

The 5 printing techniques we will detail below are:

  1. Heat Press Printing
  2. Screen Printing
  3. Direct-to-Garment Printing
  4. Dye Sublimation
  5. Vinyl Cutting

What is Heat Press Printing?

Heat press printing is used most often when the retailer is making small batches of customized shirts. Fewer resources and less time are required to get the desired results with this method. It is surprisingly simple, especially considering how durable the outcome will be!

To heat press-print a design onto a shirt, one must have access to a press that applies heat and pressure onto a surface. They must also have transfer vinyl, which will be decorated with the intended design. The vinyl, with the design, will be laid onto the tee shirt. After that, heat and pressure are used to essentially “fuse” the image onto the fabric. When the glossy vinyl is pulled off, a beautiful design remains – and will remain – on the shirt.

What is Screen Printing?

Easily one of the most recognized methods of tee shirt printing, screen printing is used most often by professionals who service large custom tee shirt orders. You may have also heard of this method being referred to as “silkscreen printing.”

This technique involves the use of a nylon mesh and stencil. The stencil, which bares the design, is held in place by the nylon mesh before the surface is flooded with the ink of the intended color(s). The outcome of screen printing is the highest quality print possible.

While screen printing certainly makes for the best results, it is not practical for small-time hobbyists. For those who are not looking to mass-produce tee shirts, heat press printing is a better solution.

What is Direct-to-Garment Printing?

If you have a computer, a textile printer, and the right ink, you can direct-to-garment print your own custom tee shirts. It is a relatively simple method of production, as the tee shirts are printed much like you would print documents in your home or office printer.

The most outstanding benefit of printing with this method is the softness of the final result. There are no extra layers of ink that can make a design feel stiff or sticky. However, if you have a lower-quality textile printer, you may be stuck with lower-resolution design quality in the end.

What is Dye Sublimation?

Dye sublimation works best on lightly colored shirts, especially ones of a polyester or polyester-blend material. Cotton is especially tricky when using this method of tee shirt printing. A specially formulated liquid dye is applied to the fabric and left to sit until dry. Once dry, heat and pressure are applied to the surface of the shirt to imprint the design onto the fabric.

Solid fabrics break down into a gas, which then absorbs the ink for a super soft and high-quality print as a finished result.

What is Vinyl Cutting?

Vinyl cutting is a popular technique for small designs and athletic wear. It involves cutting a single design out of a specialized fabric, which can be used again and again in the mass production of custom tee shirts.

Through the use of a vinyl cutting machine, tee-shirt printers can apply multiple layers to get multiple colors onto the fabric.


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